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I'm a filmmaker, actress, comedian and absolute goofball. I've been in love with cinema since I was a kid, growing up in rainy Saint-Peterburg, Russia. How I ended up with a completely Westernized mindset is still a mystery to me, but here I am. 


 My in-depth cinematic journey began when I was studying Film at Queen Mary University of London, learning all about French New Wave and Italian Neo-Realism...fancy, I know. During that time, I got super lucky and got a job as a script supervisor on a first Ukranian/American 3D comedy. A 3D comedy? Yes, you can imagine what a uniquely bizzare journey that was. But back to London - after filming a few arthouse short films and absorbing too much film analysis, I grabbed my diploma and my courage and moved to Los Angeles, diving into the entertainment side of filmmaking. 


Two years of polishing my American accent and working on Meisner exercises brought me to "Orange Is The New Black" (NETFLIX). How hilarious is the fact that my first big onscreen opportunity in America took me right back to Soviet Russia? Oh, the irony. 


My favorite films are the ones that manage to entertain, while still making an impact. I'm definitely in love with sci-fi, horror and suspense, but most of all I find myself being drawn towards comedy. I think it has something to do with the fact that I must've watched too many John Landis's comedies as kid, particularly Coming to America and Trading Places. (Those two are extremely popular among Russians, for some reason...) 

Diving deep into the world of comedy, I fell in love with improv and opened up a YouTube comedy channel called Broken English, where my partner and I wrote, directed and acted in numerous sketches. Oh the places it brought us: NYC Independent Film Festival, WhoHaHa and even Funny or Die.


Today I still live in Los Angeles, CA and never plan on leaving. I act, write and produce my own, or other people's projects and that brings me a ton of joy. So all I am saying is - let's continue making and supporting those who tell unique, entertaining and impactful stories! 

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